Dim Mak Camouflage Mask
Dim Mak Camouflage Mask
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Dim Mak Camouflage Mask

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This mask provides semi-permanent anti-bacterial functionality from a zirconium-silver compound that is blended into the textile fibers, allowing repeated washings.  The mask kills kills 99.9% of germs, including staphylococcus aureus (which causes food poisoning and sweat odor) and pneumococcus (which causes various respiratory infectious diseases).  The mask allows the wear to feel comfortable and safe featuring quick absorption and dryness properties, water droplet impermeability, UV protection, and deodorization functions.

Not intended for medical use.  Mask does not come pre-washed.  Hand wash only in mild soapy water.  

Made in South Korea.  SEK Certified.  

Medium Size: 14" from ear to ear, 6" top to bottom.
Large Size: 15" from ear to ear, 6.25" top to bottom.

Please note that all mask purchases are all FINAL SALE.  Mask sales do not qualify for refunds or exchanges.  We appreciate your understanding!