Neon Future IV - Steve Aoki Black Holographic Foil Tee

Neon Future IV - Steve Aoki Black Holographic Foil Tee

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Straight off Steve Aoki's 2020 North America Bus Tour, this is the Steve Aoki x Super Plastic's Janky Toys "Aoki Playhouse" collaboration tee.  


The future is now—and it’s neon!

Created in collaboration with two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Steve Aoki and inspired by his dystopian comic book series, Neon Future, this limited-edition robotic Janky has time-traveled to bring the Aoki partnership that fans will be talking about forever. Built 3.5-inches HIGH and made of minty soft vinyl bliss, equipped with an ultramodern cyborg armor blueprint, this designer droid is here to bring future tech to the designer toy world.

This colorful and high-energy art collaboration between Superplastic and Steve Aoki merges music, video, designer toys and Aoki’s trademark EDM concert culture. 

“I’ve been losing it at Aoki’s brilliant live shows for years. Combining Steve’s super psychedelic neon visual style with Superplastic’s animated toy insanity redefines concert culture,” says Superplastic founder & CEO Paul Budnitz.

Superplastic is the world’s premier creator of animated celebrities Janky & Guggimon, whose lives continue to unfold on Instagram. Our universe bridges the gap between what’s real and what isn’t through social media, live experience, luxury collectibles, and apparel. 

Founded in 2018 by well-known artist & entrepreneur Paul Budnitz (Kidrobot, Ello), Superplastic has hundreds of thousands of followers and collaborates with international artists, celebrities, and brands including Seen, Ricardo Cavolo, and Gorillaz.

Fabric: 100% Cotton Jersey

Made in the USA.

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