Dim Mak Scooter Bag
Dim Mak Scooter Bag
Dim Mak Scooter Bag
Steve Aoki

Dim Mak Scooter Bag

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Dim Mak celebrates James Bourne's new album, "Safe Journey Home" reintroducing the infamous Dim Mak Scooter Bag (As seen on the cover of James Bourne's album).

For those adventures where you just want to zoom around, cop a Scooter Bag.  Stand out whether you're gliding through an airport terminal, down a city street, or between classes!!  Oh, did we mention it comes with an integrated Bluetooth Sound Box?  Create your experience wherever you go!   


Dimension folded: 35 x 58 x 23 cm
Weight: 4.6 kg
Volume: 26 liters, Sound2GO Speakers
Wheel size: 110 mm
Max. load: 100 kg


Handlebar height: 89 / 98 cm


Width: 9 cm
Length: 36 cm
Material: Aluminium

 Imported.  Limited to 12.  Don't Snooze!  

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