For MetaZoo Games NFT Token Holders

Here’s what to expect when purchasing gated NFT merchandise:

  1. You’ll be asked to sign-on/ create a profile for your Shopify account

  2. You’ll be prompted to connect the Metamask Ethereum Wallet that is holding the MetaZoo Games Token NFT.  (The token must be present in your Metamask Wallet during the transaction.)

    * At the moment, we are only providing NFT verification via Metamask wallet. Follow this link to download Metamask and to create an account.

  3. Upon signing in with your Metamask and confirming that this Ethereum wallet has the specified NFT, you’ll be able to add the gated merchandise in your cart.


  1. Does the store allow other Ethereum wallets?

    At this time, the connection only works for Metamask. In the future, we are looking to support other wallets.

  2. I’m signed in to Metamask but still can’t check out…

    Do you have the actual NFT in this Metamask wallet? You’ll need the MetaZoo Games Token NFT in your Metamask wallet to confirm ownership of the NFT in order to purchase the gated merchandise during presale.

  3. How to confirm if the NFT is in your Metamask wallet

    Copy your Metamask Ethereum public address; and paste this on the Search OpenSea field of Opensea.io

  4. Does the Metamask Wallet function on Safari?

    No, you must use Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Edge to use your Metamask Wallet and to make this purchase.